from VNA of Rhode Island-

"Since we've been at the property, we've found that it's common for visitors to be impressed with the building and make a complimentary remark about the landscaping, pond, picnic area, decks or lobby....

from WEEI Sports Radio

"Our staff loves the landscaping, pond, picnic area, deck/lobby and ample parking....

from The Providence Mutual Fire Insurance Company-

"Upon completion of our Corporate Office Building and reviewing our alternatives with regard to property management, it was clear to us that "outsourcing" property management was our best alternative.

In September 1999, we began working with DIMEO PROPERTIES at which time the project manager began to familiarize himself with the building and draft a preventative maintenance program. Once the program was drafted, the project manager sat down with us to outline the plan, review or alternatives and finalize the plan/ budget for the upcoming year.

Hindsight being 20-20, outsourcing property management to DIMEO PROPERTIES continues to be the correct decision for us. To know that qualified individuals are handling the day to day maintenance of the building, are available when problems arise, and are providing us with updates and financial information that is timely and informative is very comforting. Most importantly, it allows us to focus on our business- insurance.

To date we are very satisfied with Dimeo's services and I would be happy to talk with you if you have any questions."

- Ty Cottam, Treasurer and C.F.O, The Providence Mutual Fire Insurance Company  

from Enterprise Community Investment-

"It was my pleasure to meet you on July 17, 2007. This will serve as theofficial correspondence and feedback concerning this visit.

The Smith Hill properties were in very good condition, clean and well maintained. Upon review of the files, there were no issues found to beconsidered out of compliance. I want to thank you for your time andcooperation. Your management staff was very knowledgeable of the community,residents and the buildings. I commend you on a job well done!"

- Monica R.Swarez, Asset Manager, Enterprise Community Investment 


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